Azura is conveyed to Laverna's den, meeting her other six Guardian Fairies who have been abducted. Envious of her sister's energy, Laverna has put her sister to rest and is catching all the Guardian Fairies so she can utilize their Guardian Necklaces to pick up the rainbow energy of Fairytopia, turning into its undisputed ruler filmywap apk. As Azura had anticipated this and given her accessory to Elina, Laverna targets Elina rather, sending her Fungus followers and firebirds after her. With the assistance of Hugh and the mermaid ruler Nalu, Elina discovers Dahlia and persuades her to help Fairytopia, as they seem to be "the companions you haven't met yet" - you need to make the right decision regardless of whether it isn't the most effortless thing for you. Dahlia clarifies that Laverna has made a precious stone like gadget utilizing her illustrious bloodline that could suck the power from the pearls of the Guardians' pieces of jewelry and exchange it to her, in spite of the obscure shortcoming that the "association point was delicate". Touching base at Laverna's refuge, Elina enters alone, and her companions are caught by the Fungus after they keep her from being found.

Seeing the rainbow in Elina's eyes, Laverna offers Elina the endowment of what she had constantly needed: wings, in return for Azura's accessory, her companions' flexibility and her collaboration. Before Elina fastens the neckband around Azura's neck, she breaks free from the stupor and finds the association point - the precious stone like gadget built by Laverna where the seven forces join into one to be passed to her. Elina tosses Azura's jewelry and breaks the precious stone, restoring the Guardians' forces and banishing Laverna to the Bogs of the Hinterland, an awful place situated under Fairytopia. Laverna's toxin wears off the pixies, the Guardian Fairies are free, and the Enchantress rises and shines from her captivated rest.

Coming back to her home, Elina is satisfied to discover the blossoms sprouting strongly by and by and she is hailed as a legend. Out of appreciationBarbie stars as Princess Annika, a princess who adores skating, is brave and strong, yet her folks disallow her from leaving the manor. Rather, Annika has been escaping, frequently to ice skate, until the point that the day of her birthday when a detestable wizard named Wenlock asks for that she wed him, petrifying the encompassing villagers and also Annika's mom and dad. Fortunately, a strange pegasus named Brietta spares Annika and whisks her away to Cloud Kingdom, a world over the mists, and conveys her to the kingdom's Queen Rayla to look for help to break Wenlock's spell, which will wind up lasting in three days. Ruler Rayla educates Annika regarding a legendary Wand of Light that can fix his spells, yet must be manufactured by exceptionally extraordinary and enigmatic materials: a measure of bravery, a ring of affection, and a diamond of ice lit by expectation's endless fire, and in addition the way that Brietta is her more established sister who was reviled by Wenlock. Supported by Annika's valor, the two sisters set out on a journey to discover the materials and manufacture a Wand of Light, beginning with the most profound, darkest piece of the Forbidden Forest, alongside a ringer from Queen Rayla that can call for assistance from the Cloud Kingdom.